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The Illini are going bowling, and we're planning on joining them in Pasadena, CA for the Rose Bowl! Here's what we know so far...


Ticket Information

Ticket requests have been made and granted. It looks like everyone that is an IFund member, as well as season ticket holders without IFund accounts, got their requests. It looks like we got 28 tickets (unless Rich's order is still screwed up) between us for 28 requests. It also looks like everyone knows their ticket allocations. As soon as we get tickets (between Friday, December 14, 2007 and Tuesday, December 18, 2007), let's put up the locations so we know where to find everyone at the game.

Can you smell the ROSES yet?

Extra tickets?

From the "Athletics is messed up" Dept: It looks like we will have an extra 4 tickets in our group. Apparently they used a dormant UIPTA IFund account in place of Rich's when Marc called last week, which is why they couldn't find them on Rich's account Monday.

That being said, it looks like there are 4 extra tickets, so if anyone is still looking, talk to Marc.

It looks like I (Tik) will have two extra tickets. I'll be using one from Eric's IFUND account and giving another one to Tony so I'll have two left over.

Who's Interested in Going

  • Marc & Beth (2)
  • Friend of Marc (2 for him, 4 for his friend)
  • Kenny (1)
  • Tony (1)
  • Chuck & Crissy (4 - Already promised 2 to family before the list came out)
  • Chuck & Crissy extras (4 - 2 from Chuck Chuck; 2 from Josh)
  • Chuck Thompson (4 - 2 for Chuck and his dad; 2 for MC)
  • Frank & Kelly (2)
  • Tik (1 - from Eric's account)

UIPTA Members

Rose Bowl Seating Map... Chuck's tickets look pretty good! IL seating is sections 6-17, with 17 being on the IL sideline.

Account Owner Tickets Section/Tunnel Row Seat In Use For Sale
Marc Olson 4 12 18 101-104 SH & CL (4)
Dave Mussulman 4 7 5 105-108 4 (Marc, Beth, Dave, Tony)
Rich Rousseau 4 11 51 107-110 4 (Tik, Frank, Kelly, Lynn)
Sean Stevens (AD screwup) 4 13 E 5-8 SH & CL (4)
Chuck Hayes 4 6 45 105-108 4
Chuck Thompson 4 12 32 105-108 4
Eric Stoecker 4 12 38 113-116 2 (Lynn's Friends) 2
Josh Means 4 6 60 110-113 4

Travel Info

Getting There

Airfare to California is in the neighborhood of $500/person. San Diego is cheaper ($350-400), but also a 2 hr drive. Vegas is even cheaper and even further.

From IL to CA is a long drive.

Confirmed Travel Plans

These are confirmed traveling plans.

  • Chuck & Crissy - American Airlines 12/30-1/6
Date Flight # Departing City Departing Time Arrival City Arrival Time
Dec. 30 515 STL 12:55 PM DFW 2:50 PM
Dec. 30 743 DFW 4:50 PM SNA 6:05 PM
Jan. 6 1680 SNA 12:00 PM DFW 4:55 PM
Jan. 6 2228 DFW 6:00 PM STL 7:35 PM
  • Kenny - American Airlines 12/30-1/5
Date Flight # Departing City Departing Time Arrival City Arrival Time
Dec. 30 311 STL 1:40 PM SNA 3:45 PM
Jan. 5 1774 SNA 1:10 PM DFW 6:05 PM
Jan. 5 1085 DFW 7:10 PM STL 8:45 PM
  • Marc & Beth - American Airlines 12/30-1/5
Date Flight # Departing City Departing Time Arrival City Arrival Time
Dec. 30 1763 ORD 4:45 PM SNA 7:05 PM
Jan. 5 1940 SNA 12:45 PM ORD 6:50 PM
  • Tik - American Airlines 12/30-1/2
Date Flight # Departing City Departing Time Arrival City Arrival Time
Dec. 30 1025 EWR 1:00 PM ORD 2:35 PM
Dec. 30 1763 ORD 4:45 PM SNA 7:05 PM
Jan. 3 1104 SNA 9:50 AM STL 3:20 PM
  • Tony - United Airlines 12/30-1/4
Date Flight # Departing City Departing Time Arrival City Arrival Time
Dec. 30 676 ORD 8:00 PM SNA 10:24 PM
Jan. 4 794 SNA 5:25 PM DEN 8:41 PM
Jan. 4 1146 DEN 9:35 PM ORD 12:53 AM (+1 Day)

Arrival summary

Kenny 3:45pm
Chuck and Crissy 6:05pm
Marc and Beth and Tik 7:05pm
Tony 10:24pm

Getting Around There

Kenny is renting a minivan ("holds 7 passengers and 5 luggage") from Enterprise at SNA. Pickup at 12/30 4pm, drop off at 1/5 noon. $285.11 total (33% family discount) It might not be enough for everyone, but it's a start.

  • "Shotgun?" -- Tony
  • You can't call shotgun without the vehicle in sight. Official Shotgun Rules -- Ricky (Marc)
    • Does this mean Tony is invalidated for shotgun on the first ride in LA? -- MC


The following are confirmed in a rental house [1]. Location is 17072 5th Street, Sunset Beach, CA. Total cost $1750 for 12/30-1/5.

  • Marc & Beth
  • Tony
  • Kenny
  • Chuck & Crissy
  • Tik

So the guy that is renting us the house wants to meet us there to give us a quick walk-through of the place. I'm guessing that 7 20-somethings jumping out of a van might make him a little nervous. Do some of the earlier arrivals want to go and "check-in" to the house in the afternoon? -Beth

Alumni Association packages

The University of Illinois Alumni Association Official Rose Bowl Tour

All sorts of combos of air/land, days, etc. 4 nights (12/29 to 1/2). All sorts of pricey.

Other Stuff

You mean there are other things to do besides tailgating and watching football? Here's some things we should consider...

Places to Eat

Although we can always grocery shop and bring food to the house, here are some ideas on places to eat.

  • In-n-Out - we will be going here, probably directly from the airport
  • Captain Jack's
    • Good - very good food (seafood), right on the water, very close to the house.
    • Bad - we probably need to make reservations about a week in advance of going, and it's pricey.
    • Location:
      • 16812 Pacific Ave Seal Beach
      • Los Angeles , 90621
      • +1 562 592 2514
  • Daimon
    • Good - never actually been here. Found good reviews, especially on sushi. Close to the house.
    • Bad - Reviews say it is pricey.
    • Location:
      • 16232 Pacific Coast Hwy
      • Huntington Beach, CA 92649
      • 562-592-4862
  • Walt's Wharf
    • Good - close to the house, good seafood, close to the pier.
    • Bad - None really.
    • Location:
      • 201 Main Street
      • Seal Beach, CA 90740
      • (562) 598-4433

New Year's Eve


  • A band Maly toured with is from the L.A. area and they're doing a show at Disney NYE. I don't think he can comp us into the park, but it's an entertainment idea.
    • I don't really want to do Disney twice. It's kind of pricey. JMO --MC
  • Since we'll be doing a very early morning Jan 1, we could see if my uncle would be willing to do the barbeque for New Year's eve. Just a thought. -Crissy
  • See if Universal is doing anything for New Years; watch MI; stay for 12 hours; celebrate New Years.
    • Looks like only Disney has something going on for New Years. Park hours for Universal on 12/31 are 9am to 9pm.
    • False... Looks like if you pay an extra $8.50 you can stay in the park until 10:00 pm ("Midnight Illinois Time!") Link

Rose Bowl Parade

This is supposed to be one of the best parades in the country. Is everyone interested in going? Do we want to buy tickets to some grandstands or just try and pile on the side of the road?

  • Interested in seeing the parade
    • MC & Crissy
    • Tik
  • Interested in buying tickets to see parade
    • MC & Crissy
    • Tik

Kenny's Birthday (Jan 3)


I'm thinking Disneyland on my birthday I'd at least get a button and lots of autographs, although most of these events seem more geared to nine year olds than twenty nine year olds. "Birthday buckets" are not as exciting as I thought they'd be.


Crissy's aunt and uncle would like to have us all over one evening for a grill out and pool party. Talk about it

  • Maybe the 2nd or the 4th? Those seem to be the open evenings. The 2nd might be preferable, as we can grill the locals on what to do (not to do) on the rest of the trip.


See the running list of haikus.

Marching Illini schedule

Friday 12/28 - CHAMPAIGN
3-4:30pm march around U of I campus (public invited) in Champaign
  • Beer trough? -Kenny
Sunday 12/30 - LA
10:45-11:30pm Universal City Walk Pep Rally with Football Team
2:30pm - March in parade, Disneyland. Standup concert near Main Street Town Square.

Monday 12/31
3:30 pm: Parade, Universal Studios Hollywood.

Tuesday, January 1ST GAME DAY
6:15am-8:00am Sit and wait for parade start
8am Tournament of Roses Parade - #24 in Parade
? - Rose Bowl Alumni Pep Rally
1:40pm Pregame (30 minutes left on game clock)
2:10pm Kickoff 94th Rose Bowl Game ILLINOIS vs. USC
Postgame Concert
March out of stadium
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